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What Kind of Public Speaker Are You?

Public speakers come in all varieties of shapes and sizes. Depending on the audience and goals of a particular event, speakers can serve one or more important purposes. Public speakers may educate, motivate, fuel change and growth, promote awareness, inform or even entertain. Regardless of the purpose of the public speaker, one thing is for certain – the speaker can make or break the event.

Event planners and organizations that host events seek speakers who can not only serve up their goals and objectives but also be highly engaging and interactive subject matter experts. This makes for a lucrative business among the most talented public speakers. If you are an aspiring public speaker, one of the first steps to marketing yourself to meeting organizers and others who seek you out is to determine just what type of speaker you are. Depending on your expertise and skill, you might fall into one or more of the following categories.

Types of Public Speakers

  • Motivational/Inspirational Speakers – These types of public speakers either motivate or encourage individuals and groups to think or do something different. Motivational and inspirational speakers give positive “pep talks” to their audiences to encourage them to overcome obstacles, think bigger and reach beyond their normal way of doing things. Examples of these types of public speakers are Les Brown and Tony Robbins.
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  • Corporate Speakers –  This type of public speaker teaches soft or technical skills to individuals and groups within a business environment. Corporate speakers, or corporate trainers as they’re usually referred, instruct employees to acquire skills that help them do their jobs more effectively. Topics such as team building and conflict resolution are taught by corporate speakers.
  • Marketing Speakers – These public speakers are sales and marketing professionals who are experts at the top of their game. Marketing speakers usually have excelled in their industries by knocking sales quotas out of the park. Sales and marketing speakers often develop duplicable systems and share these systems within their talks. Dale Carnegie is a famous marketing speaker who turned his skill into a major public speaking brand.
  • Futurists and Trend Experts – These types of public speakers watch trends and make predictions of how the market will flow or a particular industry will respond based on their observations. They then put together informative talks to convey their projections to specialized audiences. Some futurists, or futurologists, are scientists who practice philosophizing about possibilities and then assemble research to support their forecasts. Futurists and trend experts have been instrumental in raising awareness of the global warming phenomenon.

So what type of public speaker are you? Let us know in the comments below. Remember, you can fall into one or more categories depending on the audience and purpose of the event. Tailor your style and presentation to meet the needs of the market you serve. Want to further expand your public speaking platform? Check out our Speakers Bureau for an opportunity to market yourself at upcoming events.

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