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Celebrate Your Female Customers

March is Women’s History Month. How is your small business catering to this lucrative target market this month?

Women are earning, spending, and influencing purchases at a greater rate than ever before. In fact, female customers are well on their way to controlling over two-thirds of total consumer wealth within the next decade. Unfortunately, almost 91% of women feel that business owners don’t understand them nor speak to their needs.  If you don’t have a solid marketing plan in place, you’re missing an amazing opportunity to reach this demographic.

…almost 91% of women feel that business owners don’t understand them…

Take advantage of Women’s History Month to run special promotional offers that specifically target female customers. If you are a woman-owned business, March is the perfect time to toot your own horn.  Here are a few things you can do to attract and retain the female market.

  • Ask them what they want. Too often business owners assume they know what women want without actually asking them anything. The end result is marketing messages that come off as misogynistic and patronizing. If you really want to know what makes women tick, go directly to the source. Include female customers in market research, product development, polls and focus groups. Engage in deeper conversations to get to the root of consumer concerns. Social media is great for this!Easy & Affordable 468x60
  • Stay on top of women-centered issues. Do you know what’s trending in the world of women’s issues? Look out for news coverage that speaks out about all things concerning women. Follow and connect with both women-owned businesses and organizations that cater to women’s causes. Use your marketing platform to give women a voice within your industry.
  • Celebrate who they really are. Now more than ever, women are truly embracing their authentic selves. Women are redefining traditional ideas of beauty to incorporate broader reflections of self and self-care. Use your marketing efforts to help break down stereotypical ideas about the roles of women and how they are portrayed. Your brand can stand apart from the rest by representing the diversity of individual women and highlighting their powerful contributions to the world.

Make March all about your female customers.  Get creative as you start new conversations with this profitable demographic.  How are you impacting the female target market this month?  Please let us know about your women-centered promotions in the comments below.

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