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Build Your Tribe in 7 Simple Steps

Creating a successful business requires that you first build your tribe. A tribe is a group of Build Your Tribe in 7 Simple Stepslike-minded individuals who come together for a common cause. In terms of business, your tribe is made up of your dream customers – the prospects with whom your vision, message and mission resonates and who are both willing and able to pay your prices.

In our popular JumpStart Virtual Business Boot Camp, we hone in on the importance of using your tribe to trigger an increase in sales. The program walks aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners step-by-step on how to easily build your tribe. This is a brief overview of the steps covered in-depth throughout the training.

How to Build Your Tribe in 7 Simple Steps

  1. Identify your dream customers. Before you can even begin to build a tribe, you first have to decide who they are. Your business success primarily hinges upon this important step. Your dream customers are often a reflection of who you are and what experiences you have come through in life. Determine who you most want to work with. What do they look like? What is important to them? Where can you find them?
  2. Create your Signature Solution. What products or services will you offer your dream customers? What is the best solution to either increase pleasure or decrease the pain associated with a particular need or desire affecting your dream customers? What knowledge, skills and expertise do you possess that can help your dream customers fulfill their needs? Build a value-packed solution to serve your dream customers.
  3. Differentiate yourself from alternatives. What are your dream customers already doing to fulfill their needs? What other products or services are being offered in the marketplace? Determine how you can develop a competitive advantage so that your dream customers will choose you over the other available options.
  4. Build an online community. In this day and age, everybody is online. This means the number one place you will find your dream customers is also online. Create a Facebook group, or even a LinkedIn group, that will serve as a community for your dream customers. This is where you will really build your tribe. Give it a benefits-focused name that easily explains to your dream customer what the group is for and why they should join. Check out the Design Your Dream Biz Training & Accountability group we created for the JumpStart program.
  5. Engage followers with quality content. Use your online community to share relevant resources, blog posts, free eBooks or webinars, tips and advice your dream customers can use to address their needs. Give authentically to position yourself as an expert in your field. You will build your tribe really fast if members of your community get to know, like and trust your opinions.
  6. Promote a powerful call-to-action. Seek always to motivate your community members to deepen their connection with you by instructing them to take specific, strategic actions. Regularly promote your Signature Solution among your tribe to move them quickly through your sales funnel. Use your group to convert prospects into paying customers. Ask for sales!
  7. Focus on growing your group. Continue to invite new prospects into your online community to build your tribe. Create ads and send out requests to your dream customers to also invite other like-minded individuals. The more value you provide to your current members, the more likely they will invite others to join. Offer referral incentives whenever possible.

Once your tribe is in place, everything you do should be promoted within your online community. You can build your tribe in as little as thirty days. The most important thing to remember is to provide consistent, relevant value so you can attract and retain your dream customers.

How did you build your tribe? Did you find this post useful? Please let us know in the comments below and if you found value in this post, please do share it with your networks.

5 Mistakes Coaches Make That Lead to No or Low-Paying Customers

Coaching can be a very rewarding and profitable enterprise; however, many would-be Small Business Coachingsuccessful coaches make one or more massive mistakes during the free introductory coaching call that prevent them from ever earning a livable wage.  There are 5 serious missteps the average coach makes.  I felt it was important to highlight these mistakes coaches make here so you can acknowledge them and make the necessary shift in your process.

Top 5 Mistakes Coaches Make

  1. Fail to pre-qualify prospects. You can’t serve anybody and everybody.  As a coach, the most important step to build your business is to carve out your target audience.  You must define a niche in order to achieve clarity and focus in your marketing communications.  Once your niche is identified, you can use this information to assess prospects.  Create a form or survey to match prospects to the attributes that make up your target market.  Make sure that one of these attributes is related to income or ability to pay your prices.
  2. Fail to demonstrate value. More often than not, coaches fail to get out of industry speak to remember why they sought to become coaches in the first place.  Your clients have needs and interests.  It is your job, as the coach, to tap into and leverage these needs and interests to help them to move closer to their goals.  Using coaching buzzwords and phrases like “create balance” and “remove roadblocks” do nothing to show prospects the benefits of coaching.  These are features of the coaching process.  You must connect your client’s needs to the benefits of the coaching process in order to get paid what you’re worth.
  3. You give away the farm. Equally as detrimental as showing too little value is giving away too much value for free.  A surefire way to decrease the value of your offering is to charge little or nothing for it.  Many newbie and seasoned coaches alike make the mistake of trying to compete in the marketplace with low fees.  This effectively reduces the value of the coaching industry as a whole and leaves you stuck unsure how to raise prices without losing clients once you realize the mistake.  The free introductory session, when conducted properly, demonstrates the value of the coaching process without giving away the farm.  Your client shouldn’t feel that they received so much value during the free session that they no longer need coaching because their problems have been solved.  The free session should only be a “taste” of the process.
  4. You try to sell. Selling is the number one mistake coaches make that prevents them from making any money.  Nobody wants to be sold to.  Instead, you should be sharing solutions once you have made the connections between prospective clients’ needs and the benefits you have to offer.  People don’t buy coaching.  They buy solutions.  The top salespeople understand how to apply consultative skills to the sales process to offer solutions to problems.  I discuss this topic thoroughly in my eBook, Why YOU SUCK at Network Marketing.  All business owners, including coaches, are network marketers.  This means the focus of your marketing communications should be on building relationships, not selling.
  5. You don’t ask for a commitment. This is the part that trips many coaches up during the free coaching session.  You might have done a tremendous job of demonstrating value and establishing how well coaching will fit within your prospective client’s overarching personal and professional development plan yet you have absolutely no clue how to close the deal.  You have to ask for the commitment to the coaching process in an authentic but firm way.  How do you transition smoothly from the free coaching process into asking for the sale without selling?  A thorough explanation of how to do exactly this is covered in this training.

You have to have paying clients in order to sustain and grow your coaching practice.  Without a healthy caseload of paying clients, your coaching practice will be incapable of helping you to realize your own dreams of prosperity.  For additional help, you’re invited to check out my Easily Capture & Convert Coaching Clients with FREE Intro Calls training program in which I will teach you how to avoid these 5 mistakes coaches make that lead to no or low-paying clients and how you can effectively turn it around to get paid what you’re worth.  Click here to learn more about this home study program.