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How to Find Time to Blog

Many bloggers struggle with how they can find time to blog. This is because bloggers are often juggling full-time jobs, kids and other priorities that make it difficult to add blogging to the top of their priority list. Having raised two children of my own, both with special needs, as a full-time student with a full-time job, I totally get it!

My small business clients, especially those participating in my JumpStart program,  understand how important it is to blog in order to showcase your expertise, build a relationship with your dream customers and to positively impact SEO. Still, they ask me time and again how it is possible to fit creating quality, engaging content into their already packed schedules. In order to find time to blog, let’s take it back to the basics.

5 Ways to Find Time to Blog

  1. First, set boundaries between time you work and time you blog and time for personalfind time to blogstuff. Say “no” to things that don’t fall under the category scheduled during the time you’ve set aside for them. Schedule the time accordingly using technology like Google Calendar alerts or even your smartphone alarm.
  2. Second, determine how much time is required to realistically research, write and publish each post. It used to take me hours but now it takes me only a half hour to publish a solid post. How? I reuse content! I also don’t worry about making mistakes along the way because I can always go back and correct them later, even AFTER the post has been published.
  3. Third, set a goal for how often you realistically need/want to post to stay engaged with your audience. At a minimum, you most likely will want to post at least once a week to keep fresh content on your site to feed the search engines as well as interest among your readers.
  4. Fourth, take advantage of scheduled posts features if you have time to write multiple posts in one sitting. For instance, say I want to post once each week but I find myself engrossed in a topic and whip out 3 posts in one sitting. I schedule those 3 to publish each in its own week but maintain my original schedule so I’m actually ahead. Also, using PLR as a starting point can reduce writing time, just be sure to communicate and tweak in your own voice suitable to your audience.
  5. Lastly, hire a coach who can help hold you accountable to your writing goals. Sometimes we just can’t do it alone. Until you have the discipline in place, it is beneficial to have an impartial, nonjudgmental person help rear you in and identify any time wasters. You would be surprised at home much time you’re probably allowing to get away.

That’s all you have to do to find time to blog. Do you have any other helpful tips you want to add? Drop them in the comments below and if you found value in this post, please share with your networks.