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How to Choose the Right Promotional Products for Your Business

As a small business owner or aspiring entrepreneur, you have probably figured out that industry tradeshows and other vendor opportunities are excellent ways to get in front of a large number of your target customers pretty quickly.  Just within the past two months, our small business consulting, executive coaching, and corporate training firm has collected well over 500 new contacts from attending only three such exhibitions.  These types of events allow small businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs to expand their brand visibility, reach new customer prospects, establish themselves as industry experts, and attract strategic partners via the various networking opportunities.

Successful participation in a tradeshow or taking advantage of any other vending opportunity requires the small business owner or aspiring entrepreneur to leave a great lasting impression on the event attendees.  One of the most powerful marketing methods is through giving away free, customized, promotional products for your business.  The most popular types of giveaways include ink pens, pencils, cases of gum or mints, hand sanitizers, tee-shirts, and key chains but there are many more items to choose from.  A promotional product can literally be any item that will fit your brand’s name, logo, or contact information.  With so many items to choose from, how do you choose the right promotional products for your business?

5 elements to consider when choosing the right promotional products for your business:

  1. Usefulness is key – Give away promotional products for your business that people want and use daily.  Everyone needs to write and sign something at some point. For this reason, pens are one of the most popular promotional products for your business.
  2. Target effectively – Give away promotional products to future customers not just any one.  Buying and maintaining a consistent supply of promotional products for your business can get pricey.  While you want to get your brand name out there, you also want to be selective in making sure that you specifically get your promotional products into the hands of your prospective customers. Leave behind your promotions in places where your ideal customer frequents.
  3. High Visibility is best – Pick products so that people see your brand.  What good is a marketing message that isn’t regularly seen?  The promotional products for your business should be left in high trafficked area or be the type of promotion that is seen multiple times throughout the day.
  4. Pick Quality – Promotional products for your business are representing your brand.  Within reason and within budget, you should pick the highest quality promotions available to you.  Remember poor quality products reflect poorly on your brand.
  5. Natural Fit with your business – Your promotional products should make sense to your prospective customers.  There should be a natural correlation in your prospective customer’s mind from the promotional product to your brand.
    1. Locksmiths, Realtors, Auto Mechanics – Hand your customers their keys on your customized promotional key ring. your information will be on hand for them to come back. We know of an auto mechanic who replaces the license plate holder with his promotional one after servicing every vehicle.
    2. Delivery Men, Notaries, Loan officers – You need your customers to sign a contract. Hand them your pen to sign documents with and tell them to keep it.
    3. Restaurants, caterers, distilleries – Give your customers cups or drink koozies are the perfect marketing medium for your brand.