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Make Love to Your Business

February is the month of love. It is a time when relationships are highlighted and connections are celebrated. It is a time when great emphasis is placed on self-care and emotional well-being. Is all this love manifesting in your business? If not, it’s time to learn how to make love to your business.

How to Make Love to Your Business

  1. Revisit your mission and vision. When you first start up your business, most business owners spend a little time hashing out a solid mission and vision statement. Unfortunately, as you begin working in your business, the original business plan (or battered napkin) is usually where those statements are left unless required to input on some random application form. Time to dust off those statements to determine if they’re still meaningful. Your mission and vision should relay the passion and purpose of your business. You should be able to easily commit them to memory and rattle them off to any and everybody who will listen. These statements should convey some emotion that readily identifies and attracts your target market. If this isn’t happening, either you’re in the wrong business or it’s time to rework your message.
  2. Review your technology. Is your website still working or does it need a little maintenance? Does your Facebook fan page need a face lift? Are you taking advantage of the newest advertising features on Twitter? Does your sales funnel need some tweaking and automation? Look at what you’re doing and how you’re doing it. Can anything be done more efficiently? Upgrade software to be more productive and redesign your online image with a fresher look.
  3. Reconnect with your customers. In business, your existing customers are often the source of your most revenue. It is so much easier to sell to someone who has already purchased in the past. When was the last time you reached out to current and past customers to provide them with something useful or fresh? Have you offered any incentives or loyalty programs for being valued customers? Do you have a referral mechanism to reward customers who send you new business? Have you asked a former client out for coffee? Take time to strengthen relationships with your existing customers and watch your profits grow.

Hootsuite - Social Relationship Platform

A little TLC, Tender Loving Care, goes a long way. Spend some effort reviving your business this month, and every month.  Any time is a great time to show your business some love.  When you make love to your business, it reflects back that love tenfold with an increased return on investment (ROI).  That’s more money in your pockets!

How are you making love to your business this month? Please let us know in the comments below. If you found this post helpful, please do share it with your networks.

5 Money-Making Reasons Your Business Needs a VIP Day

Why?  Simple.  To get it right!Your Business Needs a VIP Day

You’re a hardworking entrepreneur.  You wear many hats.  You juggle many tasks.  Often you completely exemplify the savvy small business owner who proudly boasts that C.E.O. stands for CHIEF EVERYTHING OFFICER.  You truly are everything to everyone when you are managing your own business and… you are FRUSTRATED!

Many entrepreneurs have a hard time finding good people who share and support their dreams. If you’re lucky, you might have found a solid team of trusted advisers and mentors who can help shift some of the decision-making burden by offering great advice.  More often than not; however, you’re like the average entrepreneur walking a tightrope between disaster and your dreams with no safety net beneath you.  Your support team includes, at most, a part-time bookkeeper, a few college interns, and your moody teenage kid who does your filing on the weekend.

Without the right team and the right support, all those hats you’re wearing start to get heavy. They’re filling up fast with more and more tasks.  It’s exhausting to lug around so much responsibility and your knees are buckling beneath you from the weight of it all.  You have so much to do but so little time to do it so you rush, skip important things you don’t want to do or don’t have time to do, and you make mistakes.  Sometimes these are big mistakes that cost you more time, energy and money.  And the more time and money you waste trying to fix things, the farther your dreams slip away.

Startup Leadership: How Savvy Entrepreneurs Turn Their Ideas Into Successful Enterprises

A luxury VIP Day is the answer to your prayers!

VIP Days are awesome!  It’s like coaching on steroids.  VIP Days provide you with a hands-on, one-on-one, intensive, full-day experience to tackle a specific issue or concern challenging your success.  You can accomplish more in just one day than you do in a typical month in your business.

You receive so many benefits by taking advantage of a VIP Day that it would be really difficult to list them all here so I will stick with just the top 5 that our small business clients completely rave about.

5 Money-Making Reasons Your Business Needs a VIP Day

  1. It’s a retreat!  How many times do you get the opportunity to really take a break and relax but still be completely productive?  When was the last time you took a vacation or even a purposeful pause?  Most VIP Days take place in a luxury hotel or resort and you often have to be flown in from your hometown a day prior to your scheduled session.  Many VIP Days also include additional perks like spa services, gourmet meals, and luxury car service to and from the airport.  You truly are treated like a VIP!  A relaxed mind is more creative.
  2. It’s customized! VIP Days are created especially for you.  Typically you are required to complete a pre-assessment that identifies exactly what you will need during your VIP Day.  Your agenda, your systems, your processes, and your dreams are the only focus.  You get the coach’s undivided attention to fully work out solutions specific to your business challenges for maximum success.
  3. Luxury VIP Day includes full-body spa massage in 4-star hotel suiteIt’s easy! One of the best things about VIP Days is that they take the pressure off.  You don’t have to have all the answers.  Your coach brings his or her expertise to the table with best practices, proven success strategies, and done-for-you-templates.  You don’t have to waste any time or energy trying to reinvent the wheel because everything you need to be productive is laid out for you.
  4. It’s quick! A VIP Day is just one day!  Depending on your coach, that day could be as few as 5 hours or as many as 8 hours.  It is very rare that a VIP Day would go over that. The intensive nature of a VIP Day means that you get to resolve even major challenges in a very short period of time.  Most VIP Days include recordings of the session so you can review all of the valuable content as often as you need to fully absorb the learning.
  5. It works! VIP Days are structured process flows intended to create a fully implementable, immediately executable action plan.  Most VIP Day packages include accountability measures like follow up phone calls to ensure you are fulfilling the commitments outlined in your action plan. VIP Days are built to help you to overcome business challenges, increase profits, improve processes, and accelerate your business growth so you can achieve massive returns on your investment.

VIP Days are great tools for frustrated entrepreneurs who want to finally get it right.  VIP stands for Very Important Person.  As the Chief Everything Officer of your business, that is exactly what you are.  Why not take a day to be treated like one?

Check out our Designing the Dream VIP Day!  This quick, easy, customized retreat really works to remove the frustration and exhaustion of being Chief Everything Officer of your business so you can achieve success even faster.

We offer a full-day (6 hours), hands-on, one-on-one intensive strategy session for business owners and entrepreneurs to tackle a specific issue or concern challenging their success. Walk away with best business practices, proven success strategies, done-for-you templates, and a ready-to-implement 6-month fully executable action plan. Your VIP Day includes gourmet lunch, refreshments throughout the day, session recordings, and 2 follow-up accountability calls to ensure you stay on track with your plan. A luxury retreat upgrade is available that includes an overnight stay in a 4-star hotel suite, spa massage, gourmet breakfast, and other perks.  Click below to learn more and sign up for your Designing the Dream VIP Day.

Book your luxury Designing the Dream VIP Day now!

Have you ever taken advantage of a VIP Day?  What do you think this type of retreat would do for you and your business?  Please comment below and don’t forget to share to your social media networks!


Archived Comments

  1. Sounds like a brilliant plan and I never heard of it. Having something so unique to offer in a big field of business coaching, gives you distinction. Hope you promote this concept heavily on all your platforms and to all your clients= past & present, & in a newsletter.

    • Absolutely, Roslyn! Yes, VIP Days are wonderful. What makes them even better is that it doesn’t matter where you live, work, or play in the world, I can bring you in for your very own VIP Day. VIP Days can also be delivered virtually with much of the same perks and most definitely equal success. Luxury VIP Days are a great way to retrain, recruit, and recharge.

  2. VIP Day sounds great for newbie entrepreneurs, who need help to focus on the most important tasks, to get a checklist of the business tools needed, and a boost of energy, confidence, and a reality check! Great stuff Coach Niquenya!

    • Thanks Renee! Yes, VIP Days definitely help to reduce the learning curve associated with entrepreneurship. This can be an amazing vehicle to jumpstart success in a new business venture but VIP Days work best for those business owners who already have some skin in the game so they can be most successful at understanding and implementing the advance best practices, tools, and strategies introduced during the session.

  3. Great idea for someone who needs to carve out some time – get refocused, reinvigorated, recharged!

  4. This is very timely Niquenya as I will be offering VIP days as an additional service to my Life Coaching business. I think VIP days are really fabulous because the focus is solely on the client for the entire day and it can accomplish a lot. At the moment I’m looking at the virtual option but intend to expand to luxury hotels or resort as you suggest. Your post has already given me some great ideas on how to structure my VIP days and pack them with value.

    • That’s great, Michelle! VIP Days definitely bring a lot of value to both the client and the coach. VIP Days are great ways for coaches to deliver a massive amount of content and clarity in a short amount of time thereby making an immediate impact on your client’s goals.

  5. VIP are interesting idea that I’ve experimented with. I found some people loved them other people found them to be to much in one day. I’m still experimenting with the idea and I do offer VIP days to clients as an alternative to a long term coaching arrangements.

  6. Hi Niquenya,

    Ya know VIP days sound awesome and much needed for busy people who just would like to chill out and relax :) Great idea and fun! Thanks for sharing :) I think more businesses should do this!

  7. The VIP Day sounds like a dream. I definitely need to take a purposeful pause. I would love to take advantage of this!

3 Simple Strategies for Quick Start-up Success

If you are like most aspiring entrepreneurs, you often feel stressed and overwhelmed by the entire business Quick Start-up Success Strategiesstart-up process. You have a great idea, a big dream, you want to see realized but it’s just taking so long to get there. You want to see your amazing vision come to life now, and right now, because everybody needs your products and services today as in yesterday.

The urgency you feel is not uncommon.  In fact, these are the exact feelings most of our small business clients have experienced during the initial start-up phase of their own business development.  Just like you, they wanted to know how to manage their time effectively to achieve quick start-up success.

After over 15 years’ of partnering with small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs, we have observed 3 common traits that are shared by every one of our clients who has experienced quick start-up success.

Strategies for Quick Start-up Success

  1. Retrain.  Aspiring entrepreneurs are usually pulled in many different directions.  You often still have several responsibilities and obligations to meet outside of establishing your business start-up.  Parents, friends, spouses, kids, and even your church rarely understand your new priorities.  You will need to educate them that you no longer have the time and resources to be available as you may once have had.  Quick start-up success requires you to retrain those around you to respect the time you now have to redirect to your business.  You may need to have several hard conversations with loved ones to relay this message and you most likely will need to remind them often.  The faster you can set boundaries, the faster you will realize start-up success.
  2. Recruit. One way to gain the respect and support you need from those around you is to include them in your plans.  You will need all the help you can get.  As a bootstrapping entrepreneur, you are probably doing a lot by yourself and have very little capital to hire help.  Ask your loved ones to pitch in on business activities.  Small kids can hand out flyers.  Teens can file paperwork, do internet research, and make phone calls on your behalf.  College students can assist with website development, marketing, and even operations.  Spouses and friends can be put to work as your sales force.  In order to remain competitive and prosper, you will need to hire help for your growing business as soon as possible.  Recruiting from your pool of loved ones is surefire way to achieve quick start-up success.
  3. Recharge.  As I said earlier, you are probably doing a lot on your own.  You are being pulled in many different directions.  You still have commitments and responsibilities outside of your start-up company and you probably have a lot of new, innovative, and amazing ideas running through your mind all the time.  This level of activity takes a lot of stamina and can take down even the most gifted athletes among us.  What you need is good old-fashioned rest and relaxation.  Take the time to take a purposeful pause. A little bit of rest goes a long way.  Rediscover the proverbial “me” time by doing something you love and enjoy for at least thirty minutes every day.  You can meditate, take a bath, read a good book, or even take a nap!  I personally try to take at least 3 unscheduled naps every week and it does wonders for my clarity and creativity.  Recharging is really necessary to keep your sanity while building your start-up success.

Are you feeling stuck, overwhelmed or out of balance in your business?  Building Bridges Consulting transforms dreamers into successful entrepreneurs by partnering with you to bridge the gap between where you are now and where you need to be to build a successful, sustainable, and profitable business model.  If you are seeking to realize your small business success dream and make money faster than you could on your own, book your FREE strategy session and get started on the right path to quick start-up success today.

We’d also love to hear your thoughts and comments on this article.  Please let us know in the comments below if you have used these or any other strategies to achieve quick start-up success.


Archived Comments

  1. Hi Coach Niquenya!
    It is really true that you must ‘Retrain’ family and friends to keep moving forward in your business. Also like the idea that you can involve everyone in your success.
    Thank you :)

  2. Well, I was less stressed when I started cause I didnt know how much I need to know. There are so many moving parts to a business & social media marketing.

  3. These are great strategies. I especially like “Recharge.” I didn’t do this when I first started my business. I’d work long hours and hardly took a break. Not a good idea! We have to take the time to recharge. It makes us stronger and happier which will have an impact on our business. ;)

  4. I like them all, it is important for people to understand what you are doing and why. I know I was asked and still asked why don’t I get a job.

    Even after being in business for 10 years I need to learn how to recruit and recharge better. so that thanks for the reminder.

  5. It is so true that there is strength in building a community around you and having support so you don’t feel like you are doing it all alone. Those who want to remain independent and work as an entrepreneur, would learn much from your three “R’s” so they don’t feel they are going it alone. Feeling overwhelmed and stopping yourself because of that, is often a reason people give up before they even get started. Thanks for the tips on living your personal and business life in more balance.

  6. Retraining those around you is so important. I know folks tended to think that since I was home I was free to run around, or pick something up, or be there to just chat when they wanted to. It was hard for them to process that I was working. These are great tips. Thank you for the post!

  7. Very valuable tips on how to have quick start success! Nice share and good information that will help even the overwhelmed marketer :) Great share!

  8. I wish I had this great article at my disposal when we decided to open our private counseling practice. I struggled with retraining and recharging! I am close to a place where things are slowing down and I am getting more of a handle on entrepreneurship. Under 2 years in I am still in the infancy phase and struggle more with recharging because I feel I need to maximize every second. I plan to reach out for a consultation. Thank you!

  9. I think most entrepreneurs suffer from overload or overwhelm. Like you say in your blog Coach Niquenya we are being pulled in all directions and it’s tough to stay focused. I particularly like your recharge tips and maybe it’s a cue to implement some into my own very busy life. I think that good old fashioned rest and relaxation is calling me and so your blog is very timely. Your tips are worthy of an extra splash of bubble bath tonight! :)

  10. Kudos! Addressing the overwhelm in business is HUGE. It hinders growth, that is for sure. It’s hard as a new biz owner to discern what they need, do, etc… or not. It can get pretty crazy. I like your term, “purposeful pause.” Great article, Missy! :)